notary document

                   The  Document want notary

          1 International contracts and agreement

       2 Commercial and Personal documents

       3 Power of Attorney for use abroad

       4 Copy of documents as true copies

       5 Certificates (Birth, Marriage and Death

       6 Copy of passport or ID card

       7 Educational degree or certificate

                                             8  Criminal record certificate

                                             9 Proof of Address or Domicile                   

  •                             10  Documents needed to open a bank account
                                11  Documents needed to buy, sell or transfer a property
                                12  Business documents such as Company resolutions,                                         minutes, contracts, and reports
                                13  Company documents such as Memorandum and                                            Articles  of Association
                                14  Property documents for use abroad
                                15  Legal documents for use abroad
                                16  Bank documents and letters
                                17  Translated documents
                                18  Affidavit
                                19  custom  document
                                20 international trade document


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